If you are a Twitter user, inevitably when you have uploaded an image or URL link, you had to tweak your characters down to less than the expected 140, knowing you are leaving valuable words behind. Twitter has recently come out with some changes that are live and others that will be going live over the next few months. These changes will have a significant effect on how social sellers can be using Twitter – especially long-winded ones like me, including!

  • We will be able to add more #hastags to our tweets which helps us get found by more people
  • We can mention more people when sharing powerful content
  • When we quote a tweet we have more opportunity to share our thoughts around that tweet
  • We can use twitter for more conversations early on in the rapport building stages all the way through customer service
  • We are encouraged to share more pics, videos and gifs which tend to attract more people to our tweets

All 140 characters are now yours to use. So for instance, Twitter handles in replies and media attachments including videos, pictures, gifs and other media will not be included in the character count, saving us 10 or more.

Twitter Changes:

  • Direct Message: Twitter has removed the character limit completely for direct messages. This is a huge opportunity for both social sellers and customer service representatives. The ability to get entire thoughts across makes conversations and building relationships that much more powerful.
  • Replies: When replying to a Tweet, @handle will no longer count toward your 140 characters. This can save you as much as 16 extra characters (Twitter has a 15 character limit for handles + @).
  • Media Attachments: Currently when you add attachments like photos, GIFs, videos, and polls, they take up 23 characters – but that is going away! Share your media for free and you will have 140 characters for the great words that describe it!
  • Quote Tweets: When these rolled out we had all hoped for 140 characters but we only received 116. But that’s okay, Twitter heard us and soon we can quote 140 all day long!
  • Retweet and Quote Tweet yourself: In a sense, you can double your characters in any message you send. Tweet with your full characters, URL, images etc. and then simply quote even more thoughts words, links or even @mentions! Big win for social sellers here!
  • .@: This one always confused me, why Twitter made us put a . before @ if you wanted a tweet to show up publicly – but those days are almost gone – say good-bye to the “.”
  • Posting a Link: Currently every link posted no matter what length becomes a 23-character hyperlink in the twitter post. The good news is this will be gone in the next few weeks along with all the other changes!


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