Understanding Your LinkedIn Network

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Video transcript: So most of you understand, there are different people that we want to have conversations with. 

First degree connections. What first degree connections do we want to have conversations with? And our second degree connections are our friends of friends or connections of connections.

We have the ability to search and filter our first degrees to find our second degrees. 

The third is pretty cold. There are ways to start conversations with thirds. It’s just too hard and there are enough seconds. Who do you want to have a conversation with?

Current clients. So I know that you think this should start conversations, not just the client, the person And that signed your contract or the one person inside of the company. But you want to get to know you want to socially surround all of your clients. 

Get to know 8, 10, 12 different connections, be a value, and have conversations around this. It can be incredibly powerful. 

Past clients. Again, socially surround them. but you can bring so much value to past clients, you don’t having to sell right away. 

These are starting conversations, it will lead to business when the time is right.

Make a list. Some of you may not even have a CRM. 

Go through all your past invoices from the last couple of years and look at who you’ve invoiced. That’s a great way to know your past clients. 

Your prospects. Obviously we want to start conversations with.

Referral Partners can be the strongest opportunity of all 

We talked about our huge community, which is amazing, of LinkedIn and social selling experts, and we refer business to one another. 

Bill was my competitor before my partner. It is a very close-knit community where these are great opportunities. So you can have referral partners inside of your community. You can have referral partners that are selling to the same buyer, their vendors that are selling to the same buyer. Anyone that’s ever referred to your business before.

Those referral partners are phenomenal. You want to have a lot of conversations, 

Community leaders, this is a great opportunity to reach out particularly now to industry leaders Chamber of Commerce leaders. 

Anyone maybe that previously ran summits or trade shows, Build, start conversations with them. They’re not that busy now. 

But when they start that relationship, These are conversations that will lead to something, maybe not today. 

But if we have enough of them, that there’ll be a lot of right times that pop up. 

Vendors, people that you’ve bought from, right, those are great people. 

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