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URL shortening is a technique on the web in which that makes a web address or URL significantly shorter in length and still direct to the targeted page. This is especially convenient for messaging on social media such as Twitter and which have a tight limit the number of characters that may be used in a message.  There are sites such as http://bitly.com and http://tinyurl.com that are free and easy to use.  You can customize the URL as well as create your own. For example, my URL shorteners are sslink.com/my-custom-message. It is great for branding and has the same features as all the other URLs.

There are many reasons to use URL shorteners:

  • How to use URL shortenersIt changes a long ugly link to a short easy to copy and paste link
  • You can get analytics and track click-throughs
  • You can customize a link to make it easy to remember
  • It is great for print and hard copy publishing

I use URL shorteners in the links on my LinkedIn profile and whenever I share a blog or article. I can keep track of the click-throughs and know what is creating a buzz.

I also use it when promoting a class or event. I put it on my email signature and website.

It is great for branding on and off line, especially for printed invitations, newspapers and printed advertisements. . If you want to track where your registrations are coming from, use a different URL shortened code for each media source.

Here is an example of the URL from a Class – LinkedIn & Thought Leadership Clinic:


Here is what it looks like after I shortened it:


Would love to hear how you are using URL Shorteners!



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