Do you want to be seen as the subject matter expert in your niche? Are you looking to expand your network of targeted followers? Are you aching to share your thought leadership with a wider audience? Or do you simply want to have smart conversations with awesome podcasters in your space?

Guess what? LinkedIn is a great way to accomplish any and all of those goals, and I am going to show you how. What’s more, it’s easy to do!

Here is my very simple process:

  1. Visit Find your ideal categories and click through a podcast title.
  2. Listen to a few of the podcasts, determine which one (or ones) resonates. From a podcast you like, identify one guest and a take-away you can share with the host when you reach out.
  3. Copy the host’s name and make note of the podcast name in case there are more people with the same name.
  4. Search the host on LinkedIn and send a connection request:
    • [NAME], I just listened to ep. 27 with your guest [NAME], and it was fantastic. I loved [TAKEAWAY]. Please visit my profile, and if you think it makes sense, I’d love to connect with you.
  5. After they connect with you, send this message:
    • [NAME]: Thanks for connecting. I am a new, but growing fan of your podcast. I have been on a few and wondered if you are currently vetting guests. If you are open to a quick conversation let me know.
  6. That’s it – seriously!

BONUS: If you have been on other podcasts, add them to your Featured section on your profile. So when they visit your profile, it will be immediately clear that you got this!