Graphics Attract! But finding one that tells the story you want others to see, and then getting permission to use it can be a hassle. So, make your own. Create a visual quote or image that can either go along with a link, call-to-action or simply a stand-alone, using PowerPoint is fast and easy – and FREE!

Watch the video below and than check out the step-by-step directions below.

Once you share your new visual, please @mention me on LinkedIn and tweet me @BrynneTillman and @SocialSaleLink and I will share it with my network!

Here are the steps to creating your visual quote or graphic:

1. Create a new presentation
2. Delete the text boxes
3. Select the square from the images
4. From Shapes, click rectangle and choose the square then click on the top right of the slide and drag it to cover the slide
5. To change the color, double click on the box and choose fill and select your color [Optional Border] Click the arrow next to “line” choose weight and color
6. Type your text and be sure to tag it with your logo and company name on the bottom
7. Add an image that you have the rights to
8. Click on the Home tab and highlight the text to change size and color
9. Use snip-it or on a Mac shift command 4 OR Select All, Group and Save Picture as OR click on File, save picture as and name it (consider search engine optimized names so your image will come up when people are Googling)

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