As Social Selling with LinkedIn grows, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn’s Sales Solution tool is growing as well. Companies are signing their sales teams up in droves. Now, even entrepreneurs, and selling CEOs are looking at this premium account as an essential platform in their business development efforts. While the features and benefits are clear, the strategy and tactics can be evasive. So, I decided to interview Mario M. Martinez, Jr., one of the biggest champions of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator and a brilliant Social Seller to share with some of the ways we can all leverage this fantastic tool.

Below is our entire live interview, but first, these are my top five take-aways from our conversation:

  1. Be sure to save all your leads and clients inside of sales navigator, this isn’t just for prospecting, it is for nurturing as well.
  2. Take a look at the lead suggestions Sales Navigator makes based on the accounts that you have saved. They do a great job of finding other potential decision makers and influencers that it you may want to engage.
  3. From your home page click “lead shares” on the left column to quickly see shares from your saved prospects and engage with engage with them from one place.
  4. Due to Sales Navigator’s current inability to allow you to mention someone in a comment, when engaging on a post or even a company’s post, click on the sharer’s name, scroll down to recent shares, click on comment, and it will open to the original post and you can comment and mention there (@mention and choose from the drop down).
  5. Create Saved Searches inside of Sales Navigator. Based on your goals and time commitment, you can save leads from this list and engage with them based on their LinkedIn shares to begin to gain access to conversations.

BONUS: Remember, your goal is to take it offline, so be sure that you keep that in mind. Make sure you are not just “liking” and “sharing” but you are connecting and asking for phone calls.



Mario is the CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies, LLC.  He is a leading #SocialSelling Evangelist, Speaker; Sales Coach & LinkedIn Guru.  Counted among some of the top Sales & Social Selling experts in the world, he teaches sales leaders, reps and business owners how to grow company revenues and develop a personal social brand, which attracts buyers!  He has spent the last 72 consecutive quarters in Sales and Leadership growing and managing hundreds of million dollars a year in sales revenue, all within the Global, Enterprise, SMB and Public Sector segments.  As a Speaker, he motivates leaders and teams to rise to the next level of performance through Social Selling, a Personal Branding Strategy and Understanding of their Why.  Follow him on LinkedIn at, on Twitter at or view his website at