Why Every Sales Trainer Needs to be a Good Marketer

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Sales and MarketingWhy Every Sales Trainer Needs to be a Good Marketer

Have you ever had the Sales Trainer test, you know, when a prospect pushes you to see your sales style, how you overcome objections and what you do to close them? Well, having been a sales trainer and coach throughout my career, I recognize that I am always being tested, watched to see what I do so they can evaluate if they want to do it that way too. If they like my process and want to learn it, I close the business. The same goes for marketing and thought leadership. If my content is part of my business development, then my strategy has to be aligned with what we would teach our clients to do. To align your marketing strategy with your business development efforts follow these 5 powerful steps, and you will be on your way!

1. Research and define your value proposition. It is critical that you know what your prospects care about when they choose to work with you. Also, determine what it is they read, what topics they are attracted to and what content you can bring to the conversation.

2. Blog about what they care about. Develop 2-10 tips that you can offer your prospect even if they never talk with you. Give them value, engage them on what matters to them. Get them excited to talk to you.

3. Lastly, be sure to have a call to action, a next step of engagement.

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