Making Sales Social Live Episode # 6 – LinkedIn Content for Social Selling

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In this episode…

In this episode, the Social Sales Link Team discussed four topics related to creating “LinkedIn content for social selling”. 

Social selling, as explained by Brynne, is all about building relationships, bringing value and insights, and being a resource to your audience. 

An effective piece of content that transcends from a connection to a conversation requires five basic elements. The first is to “resonate with your buyer”, which means creating posts that your connections would relate to and want to engage with. Secondly, “create curiosity” by making the first line of your copy so interesting that your reader will be compelled to read it all. Third, “teach them something new” as people love to learn new ideas and concepts. This spins into the fourth one, “make them think differently”, meaning that your main point leaves them with a different perspective and creates a compelling moment that leads to the solution you are offering.

Specific types of content include a short- or long-form text post, images, a short video, e-book, or a blog post using LinkedIn’s publishing platform. What if you’re not a writer and you need to find ways to engage with your connections and audience? You can record yourself while speaking with a client or prospect and listen to it after to hear the valuable comments you said — we call that “capturing your genius.” You can also curate other people’s articles, but add your own value to them as well before you send them.

LinkedIn polls are also effective as content pieces. These bring engagement with the audience through voting, and you can glean all kinds of information from the results to not only learn what they’re thinking but to gauge if they’re interested in what you are offering.


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Important points on this video

Things you will learn in this episode:

What does it take for your content to convert connections to conversations? In order for content to be relevant in the social selling space, it needs to have these 5 elements:

* It needs to resonate with your buyers, so at a glance, they know that the content was created for them and it is relevant.

* It needs to create curiosity in the first few seconds so they are encouraged to keep reading.

* It needs to teach them something new that they hadn’t thought about before.

* What they have now learned needs to get them to think differently about their current situation.

* It needs to create a compelling moment that gets hands raised and conversations started.





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