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Brynne Tillman

CEO Social Sales Link

In 2023 LinkedIn named Brynne Tillman an Official LinkedIn Sales Insider, joining an elite group of 36 global professionals.

At Social Sales Link, we revolutionize how sales professionals prospect and grow their businesses by integrating the power of LinkedIn with leading-edge Artificial Intelligence to attract, teach, and engage prospects consistently.

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Your Social Selling Mentors

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or just starting your career, you’ll want to surround yourself with people who are invested in your success.

For over 10 years, the Social Sales Link team has provided expert Social Selling coaching and training to individuals and teams across all skill levels. 

Want to update your LinkedIn profile, learn to connect with your target audience, or develop a time efficient routine to move your sales forward?  Our team has the knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way. 

Imagine Yourself With a Pipeline Full of Prospects

Are you a sales professional feeling the pressure of unmet quotas and the frustration of outdated prospecting methods?

Do you find gatekeepers constantly blocking your path to decision-makers, leaving you with dwindling results despite increased prospecting efforts?

Now, imagine a world where you effortlessly attract your ideal prospects through warm referrals, easily bypass gatekeepers, and consistently keep your pipeline full. This isn’t just a dream; it’s a reality with Social Sales Link.

At Social Sales Link, we specialize in transforming your sales approach. Our proven social selling techniques empower you to use LinkedIn effectively, not just for making connections, but for sparking meaningful conversations that convert into sales.

You’ll not only meet your quotas but exceed them while saving time and rediscovering the joy in your job. As you become a recognized subject matter expert, prospects will start seeking you out for your expertise.

Don’t let traditional methods hold you back any longer. Join Social Sales Link today and revolutionize your sales process. Reach out to us now and take the first step towards effortless and effective selling!

What people say about us?

Mark Hunter
Lead Sales Hunter, Sales Speaker, and Sales Trainer/Consultant at The Sales Hunter
Brynne did a magnificent job serving as guest host on the Sales Logic Podcast. Her insights were brilliant and delivery style made it feel as if she was not the guest host but the regular co-host. What made it all so powerful is she stepped into the role with only a couple of hours of […]
Dr. Stacey Wayman, EdD
Manager, Client Digital Experience at National Mortgage Insurance Corporation - "National MI"
Brynne is nothing short of AMAZING! Her energy and strategic use of engagement techniques keeps her audiences enthralled and asking for more! Brynne simplifies and demystifies the strange world of LinkedIn to demonstrate how user-friendly and valuable a tool it can be to anyone’s business. Further, she tailors to her audience to ensure her content […]
Julia Nimchinski
Partner, Nimchinski/Michael ❘ Co-Author, Reinventing Virtual Events
Brynne is one of the few thought leaders that can translate strategy for social selling into actionable tactics for GTM leaders to utilize and see results immediately. Her stuff is hard-hitting, no fluff and it works – reach out to her. Not to mention she’s been one of the most popular coaches we’ve ever featured […]
Dave Henderson
Great Lakes Regional Manager ❘ Asst. Corporate Trainer at Bullfrog Spas International
Brynne’s class helped me get in front of a prospect that I had been striking out with. She taught me how to provide them with value and help them. I made upgrades to my LinkedIn profile and I sent my prospect a video. Well, we had a 90 minute meeting that gave me a chance […]
Matthew Merrick
Multi-Channel Marketing Enthusiast ❘ Sales Pro ❘ Special Accounts Manager at Agorapulse
Brynne did a 4-part workshop on Mastering LinkedIn for Social Selling for the sales team at our company, and it has been instrumental in helping us build our presence and cultivate leads from the platform. Not only was she helpful during the month-long span of the workshop, but the resources she left us with have […]
Steven Farber
Talent Retention Optimization ❘ Employee Distraction Mitigation ❘ Workforce Financial Wellness at LegalShield
The Social Sales Link program is so simple to follow and easy to implement. I started sales conversations with prospects almost immediately and had high-level prospects in much less time than I could have ever imagined. Simply by leveraging my own network I was able to get referrals and permission to name-drop into my targeted […]
Alex Berg
Helping B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders Acquire & Expand Relationships in a World of Remote Selling
In the current online selling environment where buyer reachability is at an all-time low, Social Sales Link is essential to my success. LinkedIn is such a powerful platform and most people barely scratch the surface to leverage all its features.
Jeffrey and Jen Gitomer
Buy Gitomer
Social Sales Link delivers! They are one step ahead of all the LinkedIn trainers and consultants in the marketplace. Our hundreds of thousands of followers are diehard salespeople. When we refer them to anyone, we are putting our name on the line. That’s why Social Sales Link is the only LinkedIn and social selling company we recommend.
Michelle Vincent
VP of Staffing, Ahead Human Resources
Social Sales Link is a game changer! During this pandemic, I closed more than $3 million in sales and doubled my commission by using the tips and techniques I learned from their class and group coaching. Everything they teach truly makes sense, but most people don’t do it.
Diane Check
Digital Training and Governance Specialist, Penn Mutual
When the business world went remote, our associates knew exactly what to do—thanks to their training with Social Sales Link. Everyone who attended benefited from these personalized, interactive training sessions, from our marketing directors, field leaders, administrative assistants and the financial professionals who sell our products.
Bonnie Habyan
Chief Marketing Officer, Arbor Realty Trust
As the CMO of a growing company with lofty sales goals, I knew bringing LinkedIn training to the team was essential to them achieving success. After exploring multiple LinkedIn training companies, we chose the Social Sales Link team to train our sales team
Lisa Torba
Independent Personal Stylist and Recruiter at J.Hilburn
This is the BEST LinkedIn education out there!! I cannot put a price on the value that I have received and the care in which they teach. I am always learning something new. I look forward to these coaching calls. I have received more people looking at my profile and now I actually understand how to communicate via LinkedIn.
Orly Zeewy
Keynote Speaker ❘ Moderator ❘ Breakout Session Leader ❘ Brand Architect at Orly Zeewy Brand Architect
If you're looking to grow your B2B business, Social Sales Link is an invaluable resource. Brynne, Bill, Sally Jo, Bob and the SSL team are knowledgeable, gracious and generous with their time and their advice! In just a few short weeks, I've learned how to use all of the tools in my LinkedIn toolbox to build real engagement.
Stephen Watson
Head of Strategic Engagement at Aspire Technology Solutions
Just completed the Mastering LinkedIn for Social Sales 4-week course that Brynne and Bill have hosted (as well as the weekly coaching sessions) and I must say the insight offered during the course has been excellent from little-known hacks to big picture advice
Cliff Quicksell, MAS
Cliff Quicksell Associates
"Amazing!" This was the reaction from nearly every attendee on our Wednesday Webinar by Bill. The session on building relationships on LinkedIn during quarantine was in a word, STELLAR. Bill and I often speak at the same shows and I've had the pleasure to hear him live and over the web.
Kurt Schneider
Strategic Consulting ❘ Leverage Influencer ❘ Business Innovator and Coach at DP Solutions
I recently experienced a transformation in the way I am doing business moving forward - all thanks to Sally Jo! Her vast knowledge of how to leverage LinkedIn through social selling is a game-changer for sure. Sally Jo's professional background as a corporate trainer lends itself perfectly for this role at Social Sales Link.
Jenny Hall
Director of Financial Professional Communications at Penn Mutual
Bob really helped me understand the strategy behind LinkedIn as he worked with me to enhance my profile. He gave great direction but also took the time to ask me in-depth questions about my job and the value I wanted to convey. He's easy to work with and a good listener.
Doug Reisinger
Senior Account Executive ❘ Infrastructure, Information Security, UCaaS at Enterprise Visions
I have been working with Brynne for the last 3 weeks. The results have been amazing! I have had 3 first call appointments based off of Brynne's strategies and they have been the easiest appointments I could imagine. These meetings were with Fortune 500 companies.
Nick Gianoulis
Founder and Partner of Fun Dept.
The Fun Dept. brought Brynne Tillman in to run a full day LinkedIn workshop to help us leverage the tool for social selling. The day was incredibly productive and fun. We left with our LinkedIn profiles completed and representing our brand as a resource for our clients.
Robert Bonsall
Vice President, Global Strategy and Product Management at BNY Mellon | Pershing
‘Engaging’ would be how I would describe Brynne. Her teaching style was perfect for our audience of Financial Advisors during a LinkedIn training series she developed for my team. She was easy to understand, made the complex seem simple, and her practical exercises won our team over.
Melanie Greene
Sr. Director, PBM Insurance Services at Vizient, Inc
WellDyne brought Brynne Tillman in to do a full-day LinkedIn training, and it was excellent. Not only was it high energy and interactive, it was incredibly productive. Brynne helped us articulate our value proposition and create profiles that are engaging, search engine optimized and positions us to attract our target audience.


How Can Social Selling be Effectively Integrated into Existing Sales Strategies?

Social selling is a modern approach to sales that leverages social media platforms and networks to find, engage with, and connect to potential customers.

Unlike traditional sales techniques, which often rely on cold calling, email blasts, and other forms of direct outreach, social selling focuses on building relationships and establishing trust with potential customers through social networks, primarily LinkedIn for B2B sales.

What are the Most Effective Tools and Platforms for Social Selling?

Effective social selling tools include LinkedIn for B2B connections, Twitter and Facebook for real-time engagement, Instagram for visual content, and CRM software for managing customer interactions. Key to success is using social listening to monitor brand mentions and trends. Importantly, understanding which platforms your target audience frequents is crucial to tailor your social selling strategy effectively, ensuring your efforts resonate and engage the right people.

How Can the Success of Social Selling Initiatives be Measured?

To measure social selling success, focus on lead generation, engagement rates, conversion rates, and revenue growth. The LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) and changes in sales cycle length are also critical. Additionally, monitor customer retention rates and calculate the ROI by comparing revenue from social selling to its costs. These metrics help assess the effectiveness of social selling strategies, guiding improvements and demonstrating the value of investing in social platforms for sales activities.

What are the Best Practices and Strategies for Building Relationships and Engaging with Prospects through Social Selling?

To excel in social selling, optimize your social profiles for professionalism, share valuable content, and engage consistently with prospects. Personalize outreach, leverage tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator for efficiency, and listen actively to industry conversations. 

Expand your network, focus on offering solutions over sales pitches, follow up thoughtfully, and regularly assess your strategies’ effectiveness through engagement and conversion metrics. This approach builds trust and fosters meaningful relationships with prospects.

How can AI help with Social Selling?

AI and ChatGPT can significantly enhance social selling at the individual level by offering personalized assistance and automating tasks, allowing sales professionals to focus on relationship-building and strategic activities.

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