Client Experiences

Mark Hunter

Lead Sales Hunter, Sales Speaker, and Sales Trainer/Consultant at The Sales Hunter

Brynne did a magnificent job serving as guest host on the Sales Logic Podcast. Her insights were brilliant and delivery style made it feel as if she was not the guest host but the regular co-host. What made it all so powerful is she stepped into the role with only a couple of hours of advance notice. I highly recommend Brynne, her business savvy is excellent!

Dr. Stacey Wayman, EdD

Manager, Client Digital Experience at National Mortgage Insurance Corporation - "National MI"

Brynne is nothing short of AMAZING! Her energy and strategic use of engagement techniques keeps her audiences enthralled and asking for more! Brynne simplifies and demystifies the strange world of LinkedIn to demonstrate how user-friendly and valuable a tool it can be to anyone's business. Further, she tailors to her audience to ensure her content is relatable to their day-to-day interactions and needs. I would recommend Brynne for anyone, whether novice or seasoned user, seeking to better understand and leverage LinkedIn.

Julia Nimchinski

Partner, Nimchinski/Michael ❘ Co-Author, Reinventing Virtual Events

Brynne is one of the few thought leaders that can translate strategy for social selling into actionable tactics for GTM leaders to utilize and see results immediately. Her stuff is hard-hitting, no fluff and it works - reach out to her. Not to mention she's been one of the most popular coaches we've ever featured on GTM Games. The audience wrote in to report they updated their profiles. Brynne is 50 steps ahead on the latest trends in the platforms so you can have an edge. Sometimes I feel like she knows the future of LinkedIn before LinkedIn does.

Dave Henderson

Great Lakes Regional Manager ❘ Asst. Corporate Trainer at Bullfrog Spas International

Brynne's class helped me get in front of a prospect that I had been striking out with. She taught me how to provide them with value and help them. I made upgrades to my LinkedIn profile and I sent my prospect a video. Well, we had a 90 minute meeting that gave me a chance to show him what I can do to help his business grow. And before I got in my car after our meeting he sent me a thank you text. Social Sales Link's LinkedIn sales strategies really work. Thank you!!

Matthew Merrick

Multi-Channel Marketing Enthusiast ❘ Sales Pro ❘ Special Accounts Manager at Agorapulse

Brynne did a 4-part workshop on Mastering LinkedIn for Social Selling for the sales team at our company, and it has been instrumental in helping us build our presence and cultivate leads from the platform. Not only was she helpful during the month-long span of the workshop, but the resources she left us with have been critical to success. I find myself going back to the slides/videos regularly to reference how to handle specific scenarios or trying to get a refresher on a feature. Brynne is a true master of her craft!

Steven Farber

Talent Retention Optimization ❘ Employee Distraction Mitigation ❘ Workforce Financial Wellness at LegalShield

The Social Sales Link program is so simple to follow and easy to implement. I started sales conversations with prospects almost immediately and had high-level prospects in much less time than I could have ever imagined. Simply by leveraging my own network I was able to get referrals and permission to name-drop into my targeted prospects. In addition, whenever I had a question the Social Sales Link Team was easy to access. The coaching was phenomenal and the Community and networking were an added bonus. Ultimately, I look at the Social Sales Link community as my sales mastermind, and because the time is so productive, I try to make every single session. If you are considering this program, all I can say is, do it. It was the best investment I made in my business, and I’m sure it will be for you too.

Alex Berg

Helping B2B Sales & Marketing Leaders Acquire & Expand Relationships in a World of Remote Selling

In the current online selling environment where buyer reachability is at an all-time low, Social Sales Link is essential to my success. LinkedIn is such a powerful platform and most people barely scratch the surface to leverage all its features. For example, people who have already bought from you are often your best targets. Social Sales Link helped me create an alumni network search function to fuel my lead development with former clients. This has made my prospecting activities much more efficient and rewarding. The Social Sales Link team is always responsive and generous. They have a strong desire to authentically connect with people, which is ultimately at the core of LinkedIn and sales success.

Jeffrey and Jen Gitomer

Buy Gitomer

“Social Sales Link delivers! They are one step ahead of all the LinkedIn trainers and consultants in the marketplace. Our hundreds of thousands of followers are diehard salespeople. When we refer them to anyone, we are putting our name on the line. That’s why Social Sales Link is the only LinkedIn and social selling company we recommend. We receive 100% positive feedback and they thank us for referring Brynne Tillman and her team. Social Sales Link’s training helps them master the intricacies of LinkedIn and gives them more connections and leads that turn into relationships and sales. When you learn how to leverage your network within the LinkedIn framework, you’ll win. If you’re looking to master LinkedIn and are asking yourself if you should hire the Social Sales Link team, your only choice is YES!”

Michelle Vincent

VP of Staffing, Ahead Human Resources

“Social Sales Link is a game changer! During this pandemic, I closed more than $3 million in sales and doubled my commission by using the tips and techniques I learned from their class and group coaching. Everything they teach truly makes sense, but most people don’t do it. One of the ways I establish myself as a helpful resource to my clients and prospects is by introducing them to Social Sales Link’s LinkedIn Library. They think I’m amazing for giving them access to what Social Sales Link has compiled. It’s all about making connections that turn into authentic conversations and relationships. When you do that, you never have to pitch again!”

Diane Check

Digital Training and Governance Specialist, Penn Mutual

“When the business world went remote, our associates knew exactly what to do—thanks to their training with Social Sales Link. Everyone who attended benefited from these personalized, interactive training sessions, from our marketing directors, field leaders, administrative assistants and the financial professionals who sell our products. Social Sales Link’s trainings are forward-thinking and thought-provoking, and designed to develop thought leadership. Our financial professionals are now more creative, strategic, and confident about engaging on social media, and that has a direct impact on growing our relationships and sales. It’s a five-star experience.”

Bonnie Habyan

Chief Marketing Officer, Arbor Realty Trust

“As the CMO of a growing company with lofty sales goals, I knew bringing LinkedIn training to the team was essential to them achieving success. After exploring multiple LinkedIn training companies, we chose the Social Sales Link team to train our sales team on how to start more sales conversations with Sales Navigator, tactics to curate and share content that engages our buyers, and strategies to get more client referrals and introductions, filling the top of the pipeline on a consistent basis. In addition, they worked one on one with our sales team to do complete profile makeovers, so that they show up as the subject matter experts that they are and represent our brand well. The Social Sales Link team exceeded our expectations, were incredibly flexible and easy to work with and have taught the sales reps all they need to know to master LinkedIn for social selling.”

Lisa Torba

Independent Personal Stylist and Recruiter at J.Hilburn

“This is the BEST LinkedIn education out there!! I cannot put a price on the value that I have received and the care in which they teach. I am always learning something new. I look forward to these coaching calls. I have received more people looking at my profile and now I actually understand how to communicate via LinkedIn. Brynne, Bill and team are exceptional at what they do and have a great deal of patience.”

Orly Zeewy

Keynote Speaker ❘ Moderator ❘ Breakout Session Leader ❘ Brand Architect at Orly Zeewy Brand Architect

“If you're looking to grow your B2B business, Social Sales Link is an invaluable resource. Brynne, Bill, Sally Jo, Bob and the SSL team are knowledgeable, gracious and generous with their time and their advice! In just a few short weeks, I've learned how to use all of the tools in my LinkedIn toolbox to build real engagement. I used to get a few likes on my posts. Now, I'm getting 500+ on every post.”

Stephen Watson

Head of Strategic Engagement at Aspire Technology Solutions

“Just completed the Mastering LinkedIn for Social Sales 4-week course that Brynne and Bill have hosted (as well as the weekly coaching sessions) and I must say the insight offered during the course has been excellent from little-known hacks to big picture advice around managing your profile, content, connections and developing prospects.”

Cliff Quicksell, MAS

Cliff Quicksell Associates

"Amazing!" This was the reaction from nearly every attendee on our Wednesday Webinar by Bill. The session on building relationships on LinkedIn during quarantine was in a word, STELLAR. Bill and I often speak at the same shows and I've had the pleasure to hear him live and over the web. In each case, he has ALWAYS delivered a sound, well-planned and professional presentation. The biggest thing you get from Bill is his calm demeanor, pleasant approach and a no-fluff, multiple "take-away ideas and run with them now" presentation.”

Kurt Schneider

Strategic Consulting ❘ Leverage Influencer ❘ Business Innovator and Coach at DP Solutions

“I recently experienced a transformation in the way I am doing business moving forward - all thanks to Sally Jo! Her vast knowledge of how to leverage LinkedIn through social selling is a game-changer for sure. Sally Jo's professional background as a corporate trainer lends itself perfectly for this role at Social Sales Link. I would highly recommend you give Sally Jo a call or email to learn more about how she can help you or your business be even more successful than it is today.”

Jenny Hall

Director of Financial Professional Communications at Penn Mutual

“Bob really helped me understand the strategy behind LinkedIn as he worked with me to enhance my profile. He gave great direction but also took the time to ask me in-depth questions about my job and the value I wanted to convey. He's easy to work with and a good listener. I'm so glad I connected with Bob and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their presence on LinkedIn!”

Doug Reisinger

Senior Account Executive ❘ Infrastructure, Information Security, UCaaS at Enterprise Visions

“I have been working with Brynne for the last 3 weeks. The results have been amazing! I have had 3 first call appointments based off of Brynne's strategies and they have been the easiest appointments I could imagine. These meetings were with Fortune 500 companies. I know I am just scratching the surface, as we have more time left in the program, but at this point, I can't recommend Brynne and her strategies highly enough! Best money I have spent on LinkedIn!”

Nick Gianoulis

Founder and Partner of Fun Dept.

“The Fun Dept. brought Brynne Tillman in to run a full day LinkedIn workshop to help us leverage the tool for social selling. The day was incredibly productive and fun. We left with our LinkedIn profiles completed and representing our brand as a resource for our clients. In addition, we had an entire sales cadence for finding, connecting and engaging new prospects and the message templates written and ready to go. In addition, we had a content sharing strategy and plan to implement right away. Brynne's training is the best value we have received for our sales and marketing dollars. I would highly recommend Brynne to anyone looking for an immediate impact and a sustainable process for new business acquisition.”

Robert Bonsall

Vice President, Global Strategy and Product Management at BNY Mellon | Pershing

“‘Engaging’ would be how I would describe Brynne. Her teaching style was perfect for our audience of Financial Advisors during a LinkedIn training series she developed for my team. She was easy to understand, made the complex seem simple, and her practical exercises won our team over. Her knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and leveraging it for sales is unrivaled. I’d highly recommend working with Brynne to optimize your use of LinkedIn and boost your business results.”

Melanie Greene

Sr. Director, PBM Insurance Services at Vizient, Inc

“WellDyne brought Brynne Tillman in to do a full-day LinkedIn training, and it was excellent. Not only was it high energy and interactive, it was incredibly productive. Brynne helped us articulate our value proposition and create profiles that are engaging, search engine optimized and positions us to attract our target audience. In addition, she provided us with a customized playbook that gives our sales team a road map of exactly what to do on a daily basis, how to do it with step-by-step instructions and all the messaging and templates they need to schedule more phone calls with targeted prospects. Brynne also made it easy to share updates and publish insights that position ourselves and WellDyneRX as thought leaders and subject matter experts when it comes to Prescription Management Services. Her easy to follow blog creation strategies and marketing approach will help bring our audience real value that will translate into more prospect phone calls. We also learned how to leverage LinkedIn to connect and engage prospects and centers of influence before, during and after trade shows. That will result in strategic introductions, more productive networking and ultimately more business.”