Our Philosophy

Social Sales Link guides sales and business professionals to grow their businesses by leveraging LinkedIn to start more targeted conversations.

SSL’s outreach philosophy is steeped in an authentic social selling experience.

We guide professionals to attract, teach, and engage prospects by building relationships, sharing insights, and providing value.

And, our social proximity perspective drives new business through referrals and introductions.


Our Guiding Principles

  • To lead with integrity
  • To be 100% authentic in our interactions with all of our stakeholders
  • To teach our community to be 100% authentic with their stakeholders
  • To do our very best to serve our clients, co-workers, and partners
  • To earn the right to have a sales conversation
  • To offer an ROI on every interaction through insights, value, and impact
  • To be kind and generous
  • To do the right thing every time
  • To negotiate from the high side of fair for all of our stakeholders
  • Put people over money and relationships over sales