Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. If you are like most professionals responsible for sales, we all thrive on client referrals. But that isn’t the only thing we want to get from our clients. The Social Sales Link team has identified the five things we want from our clients.

More Business

In almost every opportunity, there are more opportunities. Beyond your first sale, continue conversations about your client’s needs and lead them to additional solutions that add even more value.

Internal Introductions

There are two major reasons why getting introduced to other people inside of a client company is essential First, other departments may be able to get value from your solution as well. Second, LinkedIn tells us that there is a 20% employee turnover on average.

One out of five of your buyers is leaving this year. You need to socially surround the organization to solidify your relationships and maintain client retention!

External Introductions

Your clients most likely know more people like them. Connect with everyone in an account on LinkedIn, search their LinkedIn connections to identify targeted buyers. Then ask them for referrals, introductions and permission to name-drop

Testimonials & Case Studies

Client success is a powerful way to share your solutions, create a high level of credibility. The right stories can help you close more business, faster.

Vendor Introductions

Building relationships with strategic referral partners is foundational to keeping the pipeline full. The best referral partners are often other vendors our clients buy from.

While we would love to get all five of these from every client, make sure you don’t over ask; in other words, make these requests too often. Respect your client, space out your requests, and keep your relationships intact.