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How to Use LinkedIn Polls

Hey, good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to Monday’s LinkedIn life live on Bill McCormick. I’m joined here by the social sales link team Brynne Tillman, Bob Woods, and Sally Jo LaMont. And today on this Monday, we’re going to talk all about LinkedIn polls.

Did you know that you could create a poll on LinkedIn? Well, you can. And Brynne’s going to tell you all about this great feature.


So a poll is so simple, especially for people that number one, don’t know what kind of content to share. And number two, really want to get engagement but don’t know where to begin. If you are on your homepage, and you click on Start a post at the bottom, there’s create a poll. From there, you can ask a question, but you really get to figure out what the priorities are of your network, which makes it so much easier to start a conversation around what matters to them specifically.

Sally Jo

So you know, I love what Brynne says, spot-on, I’m going to take it even a step further, I would actually suggest that it actually can help you design your product or service better by listening to your community by getting them to answer specific questions. So by finding out what’s important to your in your community, it may have you go back and rewrite or rework or tweak your offerings to make sure your by the answers that they’re giving you make sure that you’re giving them what they want.


Yeah, and that’s so very important. I talked about that a lot between the golden rule and the Platinum rule. Right, so so the golden rule is “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” And that’s great, except when it’s not. So the Platinum rule is really where we want to live, especially when it comes to polls and creating content, do unto others as they want to have done unto them. So it’s so right that you can ask questions to find out and Brynne started out by saying it, you can start out by asking questions of what it is that your clients want to know more about. 


What one of the things that’s really cool about polls is we’ve all been talking about how we as individuals can do polls. The really nice thing is that if you have if you’re a company, or if a brand within your company, or whatever has its own LinkedIn page, what used to be called company pages and are now LinkedIn pages. That entity however you want to put it can run a poll as well. And that’s really powerful because not only do all of the comments come in through the company, as individuals, we can also share them all and bring even more opinions and you know, that multiplier then comes in to effect with social as you keep on sharing things and other people share things you get even more and more comments and votes and everything coming in as well.

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