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#LinkedInLifeLive Transcription Highlights- Tue Feb 16, 2021

What are You Doing to Ensure that your Connections are Converting to Conversations?

Hey everyone, welcome to LinkedIn life live. I’m Bill McCormick and I am joined here with the Social Sales Link team — Brynne Tillman, Bob Woods, and Sally Jo LaMont. And we’re going to talk today about are your LinkedIn connections turning to conversations?

What are you doing to ensure that your connections are converting to conversations? And so I’ll go to Bob first.

Bob 0:39-1:05

if you go out with a robot, you’re a robot, I hate him. They’re just, there’s just no way around it. So already, you lost authenticity, you lost any type of warmth that can come across, especially when you’re doing just a text-based thing. But if you’re not coming across as you then why is anybody going to want to even speak to you.

Sally Jo, what are your thoughts?

Sally Jo 1:07-1:43

I’m going to get back to the human-to-human connection. It’s critical that you represent yourself on LinkedIn as a human being, and that you’re reaching out to someone as a person. That’s what works. That’s what makes the difference. And by making that connection, you’re building a relationship. Hopefully, you’re providing value along the way. And that makes them want to talk to you and get the conversation which is your goal, to begin with.

Exactly, exactly. Brynne, what are your thoughts?

Brynne 1:36-2:23

You have to treat them as people. We can’t look around this room go, every one of these could be a lead. So I’m going to go quickly hand out my business card and grab their business card, and then try to pitch them. We wouldn’t do that in a networking meeting. This is our networking meeting. What do you need to do, you need to find the circles where people are talking, join that circle, listen to what they’re talking about. Engage on that conversation, not your agenda. If you walk into a circle of people talking about whatever the keynote is going to be, which by the way is the author that wrote the article that they’re commenting on? So they’re all talking about this Congress, you know, they’re having this conversation, you would not enter that circle and say, I have businesses just like yours, you would never do that. So we cannot do that on LinkedIn.

Bill 2:23-3:17

I say all the time, Perception is reality. And here’s the real truth. Your individual perception is your individual reality. But here’s my thing. If you send out 100 connection requests, and 60 of them aren’t accepted. I worry about what are those 60 people thinking, what is their perception of you, I know that if I’m receiving one of them, my perception of you like to Bob’s point is you’re a bot, you’re using automation, and you’re not. And you’re not really reaching out with any kind of value, so you’re not earning the right for the conversation. And so we really do need to slow down the outreach so that we can speed up the outcome. The long game is so much so much, so much more, more important.

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