Making Sales Social Live Episode # 18 – LinkedIn for Client Referrals

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In this episode…

The Social Sales Link team talked about LinkedIn for Client Referrals.


Things you will learn in this episode:

* Another way to utilize a LinkedIn direct connection of yours is to start a conversation with someone you don’t know and ask that connection for permission to namedrop. You’ll ask that 1st-degree connection if you can use their name when you reach out to the person that they know, but you don’t… yet. Just using that name will give you more authority and credibility to that third person, and should “warm-up” the conversation, more than if you come in cold.

* Client referrals are one of the most compelling reasons to make sure you’re connected on LinkedIn with all of your clients. This way, you can make asking for referrals, a natural part of your sales and follow-up/customer service process. When that happens, you train your clients to be a sales force working for you on a consistent basis.

* When we ask our clients for referrals, the typical reaction is shrugged shoulders and a: “I can’t think of anyone right now, but should someone ask, Id be happy to refer you”. Let’s shift this discussion by making a list of targeted connections that they have on LinkedIn, run a list by them and identify who they know that can benefit from your services. Done well, you can have an endless pipeline of opportunities that come in with a high-level of credibility, and likelihood of being the vendor of choice when the time is right.


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