Making Sales Social Live Episode # 20 – Sales Navigator vs.

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In this episode…

In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, the Social Sales Link team talked about “Sales Navigator vs.”.


Things you will learn in this episode:

* One of the great things about LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is that your newsfeed in that platform is totally customized to your saved accounts and leads. This means that, the only shares you’ll ever see will come from the people, with whom you are trying to start conversations with. You’d able to really zero in on the content you need to see and engage with – no muss, no fuss, and no fluff.

* The Sales Navigator search function is one of the greatest features for the product. Where we have eleven search fields on the free version of LinkedIn, while on Sales Navigator, you have twenty-five search fields. Just a couple of the more detailed fields are Spotlights (post in the last 30-days, changed jobs, etc.), Company headcount (from 1-10 all the way up to 5001-10,000), and Geography (that allows search by zip code). Also, as we search, we’re given a live count that changes as we adjust our criteria, making the search function that more robust!

* Sales Navigator, when used correctly, is the most powerful sales tool we have available today. Through their incredible robust search platform, Sales Navigator allows us to accurately pinpoint the exact types of accounts and stakeholders we want to start conversation with, as well as who in our network can help us gain access to them.


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