Episode 133: Alex Sheridan – Turning Your Video Content Into a 24/7 Sales Rep for Your Business

Impaxs Founder Alex Sheridan joins the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods to share how you can utilize video content marketing strategies for social selling, which according to Alex is just doing a lot of the same traditional sales activities, but in a social media environment. Listen as he shares the importance of creating video content and why there are still a good number of sales professionals who remain uncomfortable putting themselves out there and making videos.

He also discusses with Bob how he separates between social selling and the content creation, personal branding side, pointing out the distinct advantage of being personalized and adding video content to the mix. The good thing about creating video content in 2022 is that you only need your smartphone, Alex says. If you want to level it up, there are affordable accessories available for a salesperson looking to get started.

Alex also shares his process and how he manages his time by setting up processes and systems in place, such as creating a content calendar or a content idea bank. Find out why he prefers LinkedIn among social media platforms, especially for B2B sales professionals. He also talks about edutainment and how you can incorporate that into your campaign.

Visit Alex’s website at http://www.impaxs.com. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on TikTok.

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