Episode 139: Christopher Carr – Anything You Can Give to Get, Give

Farotech CEO Chris Carr joins The LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman to share nuggets of social selling wisdom. Find out why he recommends giving anything you can to your prospect, so you can get them to trust you and give you their permission to start a sales conversation with you. Whatever it is you are asked for, give more than that.

Tune in as he talks about what it would take to make your sales social. To him it’s earning the right to be heard and bridging that gap, to bring that connection between you and your prospect closer than when you first started to interact, and eventually, to ask for the right to be heard.

He also discusses the importance of using the right language when your prospect finally gives you that right to be heard. The key, according to Chris, is to take that pressure of having to make a decision, and instead, be unassuming — to take the time to let the prospect know you are determining whether what you’re offering is actually a good fit. Chris also reminds salespeople to “thank profusely,” and one of the ways to show thanks is through giving.

You will also hear Chris talk about his company, a digital marketing agency, and his process when it comes to working with clients. He even shares some pointers to solopreneurs about stepping up their marketing efforts.

You can reach out to Chris by connecting with him on LinkedIn. You can also learn more about his company Farotech by visiting the website or following it on Twitter.

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