Episode 157: Janice Porter – Stop Being Too “Corporate” Be Natural, Show Your Personality to Build Relationships and See the Result

Janice Porter joins our host Brynne Tillman to share the hybrid of online and offline methods she uses to create and nurture stronger relationships with prospects that are beyond digital. Janice is the founder of Janice Porter & Associates. She’s a Relationship Marketing Consultant, a LinkedIn Trainer, a  Client Retention Specialist, and the author of “Create Business Relationships that Last & Close More Sales.” By her titles, it is evident that Porter is an expert in building and maintaining relationships in the business industry.

Using digital to find the right people to connect with is only the first step in creating relationships. Building one that lasts requires a more natural approach. People remember the little details you remember about them. It shows that you’re really interested in who they are and what they do without coming too salesy or too corporate.

Visit Janice Porter’s website at Janice Porter and don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

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