Episode 163: Dawn Apuan – Copywriting Can Make or Break Your Business

Dawn Apuan, an expert copywriter and funnel strategist, joins the Social Sales Link team to discuss the science and art of copywriting and how to use it in a sales funnel for customers to know, like, and trust you. Dawn has helped entrepreneurs make more money by crafting compelling copies that can sell even their most expensive offers with ease.

In today’s time, copywriting is what guides people to make decisions on how to interact with your brand—not just buying, but subscribing to your newsletters, downloading your latest eBook, following you on social media, connecting with you to start a conversation, and so forth. In this episode, Dawn talks about the psychology behind it and how copywriting can help you serve your customers better and ultimately help you close more deals.

Visit Dawn Apuan’s website and don’t forget to connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Instagram. You can also email her directly at dmapuan@gmail.com


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