Episode 167: TeeJ Mercer – The Art of Newsjacking and Showing Up with SPUNK in Media Interviews

TeeJ Mercer joins the Social Sales Link team to give us the inside scoop on the biggest secret to getting booked in the media. If you’re a thought leader, book author, coach, or sales professional whose clientele are C-Suit executives, being featured in renowned media outlets adds instant credibility to your personal brand, and knowing how to sell your expertise to producers of these big shows and websites is a must.

TeeJ Mercer has spent nearly 30 years as a TV editor and producer in Hollywood. She’s the Chief Noisemaker and CEO of Media Mavericks Academy and teaches authors, experts, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to book themselves on outlets like ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC without a publicist and without being a celebrity. Yes, you read right. Mercer has worked on several shows and movies, which may even be one of your favorites. Tune in on this episode to learn how to leverage Newsjacking and what it means to show up to talk the walk.

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