Episode 195: Stephen M.R. Covey – Building Relationships of Trust: The Key to Successful Sales and Leadership in a Changing World

Stephen M.R. Covey graces this episode to help sales leaders explore a new, better way of leading teams to success – through trust and inspire. The world has changed, but most leadership styles, especially in sales, haven’t – it’s still more transactional, and it’s still more just about motivation than inspiration. So tune in on this episode and learn how you can become better sales leaders so you can help your sales team tap into their full potential and become more successful at what they do.

Stephen M.R. Covey is a New York Times and number one Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of The Speed of Trust, which has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. He’s also the author of the newly released Wall Street Journal bestseller Trust and Inspire: How Truly Great Leaders Unleash Greatness in Others, which you’ll hear more about through this episode. This amazing book emphasizes the need for individuals to cultivate trust. By being authentic, reliable, and empathetic in their interactions with others, the future of work and leadership is moving from command and control to Trust and Inspire. And this book is about how to do it. 

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