Episode 105: How to Prospect Your Industry Influencers’ Followers

The LinkedIn Whisperer herself, Brynne Tillman, welcomes Talent Retention Sherpa Steven Farber to an engaging discussion about leveraging influencers on LinkedIn. Tune in as they teach listeners how to find those industry influencers that are attracting your ideal prospects and how to start authentic conversations with their respective followers.

Listen as Steven talks about the significance of polls when used the right way and why he thinks it’s a fantastic conversation starter. You’ll also discover how you can utilize polls to find influencers that people on your network are following.

Learn how he uses hashtags to uncover posts that he can engage on and that he can eventually use to engage with potential buyers. There are quite a number of valuable insights packed into this episode, so make sure you don’t skip this one!

To know more about Steven, you may reach out to him on LinkedIn, Twitter or visit his website. You can also send him an email at steven@heroculture.us.

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