Episode 131: Kay Miller – The “Win-Win Sales” Philosophy

Kay Miller, the author of Uncopyable Sales Secrets, joins the Social Sales Link team to talk about the concept of “win-win sales” and why it’s important to avoid the sales process from becoming adversarial.

Listen as Kay expounds on the idea of “win-win,” which according to her is all about understanding clients, their pain or aspiration and authentically wanting to help them truly solve or achieve that.

She’ll also talk about knowing and attracting the right customers that you can sell to and make them feel happy about it. Make sure you sit through the entire episode — you’ll be rewarded with an invaluable lesson from Kay about being different and making yourself stand out.

Learn more about what Kay does by adding her to your LinkedIn network. You can also reach out to her directly through email at kay@uncopyablesales.com.

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