Episode 140: The Ultimate Inbound and Outbound Tool

Our beloved hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods delve into using LinkedIn both as an inbound and outbound tool. Join them as they discuss both ends of the equation, which you can then use to take your sales campaign to the next level.

Among the things they recommend for the marketing or inbound part is to endlessly curate and share content. Learn about the things you need to think about before going out there and searching for content you can curate and then share.

Bob also shares the importance of listening during those discovery calls for clues on what your prospects would likely want to know about. They also point out the advantages of engaging on influencer content to make yourself more visible to your target audience. They also tackle several strategies for the outbound aspect of the social selling equation and among them are three easy-to-follow workflows that can help get those conversations with your prospects.

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