Episode 165: Richard van der Blom – Unlocking LinkedIn’s Algorithm

Richard van der Blom joins us on this episode to discuss LinkedIn algorithm. We also ask him about his findings that tell us the best time to post on LinkedIn, the best post length, and what activity helps keep your post on the LinkedIn algorithm’s good side. If you’ve been posting on LinkedIn constantly but are not getting the results you want, Richard can help shed light on what you may be doing wrong (or what’s missing).

Richard is one of the top social selling experts known for his eye-opening algorithm reports and brilliant customization of sales and LinkedIn and social selling training. Each year, his company publishes an algorithm report so well executed that the people at LinkedIn acknowledge and are impressed by it! In this episode, you’ll hear about the 2022 edition of his algorithm report and how it affects your 2023 LinkedIn and social selling efforts. So tune in closely!

Visit Richard van der Blom website and don’t forget to connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter. You can also email him directly at richardvanderblom@justconnecting.nl

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