Episode 172: 7 Ways to Use ChatGPT with LinkedIn

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has created many opportunities for business owners and other professionals to free up their time from doing extensive research to writing content for practically everything they can think of. But do you really know how to maximize ChatGPT’s potential for being a powerful tool for LinkedIn and social selling? Did you know there are 7 ways (currently) that you can use ChatGPT for social selling? In this episode, Brynne and Bob share their discoveries when exploring this cool new toy, from what input to feed to ChatGPT to the do’s and don’t; they’re sharing it all.

Another important takeaway from this conversation that you need to listen to closely is how to maintain your authenticity and true voice while using ChatGPT to build relationships on LinkedIn. ChatGPT sounds like a dream come true for many professionals. Still, it can take you in the opposite direction of success when your authenticity is lost because you let AI speak for you. Listen in or read the transcript below and learn how to use ChatGPT responsibly on LinkedIn.

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