Episode 174: Apps for Linkedin Every Social Seller Needs

As Social Sellers, you’ve always been told that you must be equipped with the right skills and tools to succeed at social selling. We’ve covered some of them in our past episodes. For this conversation with Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, they’re putting the focus on the Five Social Selling Apps every social seller must own to thrive on LinkedIn.

What are the top social selling apps for salespeople?
  1. Calendly – for booking meetings
  2. Magical Text Expander – for storing message templates
  3. Grammarly – for helping you write with confidence
  4. Listen Notes – for finding podcast episodes that experts and influencers are featured in and also find topics they’re interested in
  5. ChatGPT – the hottest tool in the market today that do research and creates content easier and faster

Listen now and find out how these five apps should be used for social selling success – the do’s and dont’s and some PRO TIPS from our experts.

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