Episode 175: Colleen Stanley – The Importance of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Sales Leadership

Colleen Stanley joins us on this episode to discuss how empathy and emotional intelligence can help sales leaders inspire and instill the same skills (empathy and emotional intelligence) into their teams to help them succeed. Empathy is a soft skill that bridges the gap between knowing and doing. As a sales leader, that’s a skill you want your team to have so they can pay attention to the needs of today’s easily distracted society.

Colleen Stanley is the author of two successful books, “Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success” and “Emotional Intelligence for Leadership for Sales Leadership.” She’s a sales expert in emotional intelligence & sales and sales leadership. Tune in on this episode as Colleen shares sample pre-works and discovery questions to equip your team and help transform them into empathetic salespeople.

Learn more about Colleen Stanley by visiting her website: https://colleenstanley.com and https://salesleadershipdevelopment.com. Also, don’t forget to connect with Colleen on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

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