Episode 176: 11 Ways to Leverage Curated Content on LinkedIn

We said what we said. Sometimes curating content is better than creating original content, especially for social selling! Suppose you or your company have the time and resources to create original content, and you send it to many people on LinkedIn to start a conversation. And the reality strikes, they don’t respond because, more often than not, many people on LinkedIn will see your original content as another pitch. On the other hand, sending them curated content from reputable sources or influencers they’re already following can get you a different, more positive reaction. So how do you successfully leverage curated content for social selling?

On this episode of Making Sales Social Live, our resident hosts, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods, break down 11 ways for you to leverage curated content to start more conversations, including how to incorporate ChatGPT in this strategy. So tune in, get ready to focus, and discover how to do social selling wisely using curated content.

Want a summarized version of these tips? We got you! We prepared an eBook that covers all 11 Ways to Use Curated Content to Start Sales Conversations. Visit socialsaleslink.com/curatedcontent and bookmark it in your browser!

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