Episode 177: Carson Heady & Jason Fry – Healthy Sales Leader

Carson Heady & Coach Jason Fry join the Social Sales Link team on this episode to discuss a crucial topic that many people in leadership positions tend to put last – becoming a healthy sales leader. According to a survey by Jason and his company, 200 educators say they only feel the energy to do their best 60% of the time. That’s like saying that most days, they don’t have the energy to give their 100%. And in the sales industry, where showing up and building relationships is crucial to getting more sales, 60% is a failing mark.

Carson Heady is an award-winning author on sales and social selling by day and the Managing Director of Health Solutions at Microsoft. Grab a copy of his books “Salesman on Fire” and the “Birth of Salesman,” available now on Amazon. Our other special guest is Jason Fry, a performance coach helping sales leaders improve their impact by focusing on their health, both mental and physical. Tune in on this special episode and learn from Carson and Jason about the life-changing benefits that becoming a healthy sales leader can do to your career, your personal life, and the life of the team and customers relying on you showing up.

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