Episode 178: LinkedIn Activities You Need to Use the Mobile App For (and 1 You Can’t)

Did you know? Your prospects and the people you want to connect with are probably using LinkedIn through their smartphones. According to the latest numbers, Approximately 57% of users access LinkedIn via the mobile app. If you haven’t fully explored LinkedIn mobile, you’re probably missing out on great social selling opportunities. But don’t fret. That’s why we’re here!

In this episode, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods will share with you the 4 features that you can only find on the LinkedIn mobile app and how you should leverage it. And there’s more. You’ll also learn a crucial feature that’s not on LinkedIn’s mobile version but is only available on desktop. This desktop feature allows you to respond to connection requests that don’t have a message with them –  you never know, that person could have connected with you because your networking partner told them to. And you don’t want to decline that request accidentally. So tap the play button at the top of this page, and listen to this episode now!

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