Episode 180: New (and Great!) LinkedIn Features for 2023 So Far

As a social seller, it’s important to be up to date with the latest changes on LinkedIn to ensure you’re leveraging all the tools to help you succeed at social selling. Just this January, there have been over 20 new LinkedIn features or updates, and we understand it takes a lot of work to know them all. So in this episode, we’ll help you be up to speed by sharing Five new LinkedIn features that are specifically helpful for social selling, including a feature that can help position you as a thought leader in certain topics you choose to engage with. Tune in now to this conversation!

And if you want the latest updates on new LinkedIn as soon as they roll out, we highly recommend you bookmark this link in your browser socialsaleslink.com/newlinkedin. Our good friend, Kevin D. Turner, tracks all the LinkedIn changes for us and puts them on that page. Not all heroes wear capes. Another fast way to learn of these changes is to check out the hashtag #NewLinkedInFeatures on LinkedIn. There’s no gatekeeping here, so if anything new comes up on LinkedIn, know that we’ll use that hashtag in our post.


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