Episode 187: James Stapleton – 4 Reasons Why Prospects Fall Out of Your Sales Pipeline

James Stapleton joins the Social Sales Link Team to discuss a very fascinating subject that many salespeople should be curious about: why do prospects fall out of the sales pipeline? Every industry faces this inevitable situation. Even the best salesperson can’t help when prospects disappear from the pipeline. But, the problem James will help us solve in this conversation is how to prevent prospects who are NOT meant to fall out from disappearing. Tune in on this episode as we break down the four reasons why people don’t buy from you – no need, no trust, no money, or no hurry. Also, discover how to turn the situation around so you can not only keep prospects in the pipeline but turn them into paying clients.

James Stapleton is the Vice President Of Franchise Development for Caring Transitions, which helps families cope with the loss of a loved one or the need to relocate someone through an expert network of dedicated experts and resources. His business concept is something you would be surprised to hear. It isn’t just a moving company or an estate sales company, it’s a transition company that fills the gap in an otherwise crowded service industry that no one else is really addressing. Join us on this episode and hear the unique insights from James.

Learn more about James by visiting his website, www.caringtransitionsfranchise.com and www.caring transitions.com, and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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