Episode 200: 10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn and Your Alumni for Sales

Is your college network filled with your target prospects? Or was a former schoolmate or classmate of yours now working at a company you want to sell your solutions to? Discover how to make all those relationships you made and rapport you’ve built in college help your sales efforts today by tuning on this episode of the Making Sales Social podcast.

Tune in as the LinkedIn Sherpa, Bob Woods, and co-host, LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman shares 10 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn and Your Alumni for Sales. Learn how to hack the free LinkedIn search filters to find alumni connections to your target clients, explore the power of Alumni Groups, how to run an effective referral program exclusive to your college peers, and more!

In this episode, we also mentioned a previous episode where we talked about leveraging LinkedIn Alumni Page for sales. We’ve created an eBook version for a more easy consumption. You can Download it now!

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