Episode 203: Paul de la Garza – Adapting Leadership and Sales Strategies for Today’s Challenges: Navigating New Avenues for Success

Paul de la Garza joins the Social Sales Link to discuss the challenges facing sales leaders in today’s market. With the current economic downturn and unprecedented market conditions, Paul emphasizes the importance of leadership over management and how it’s earned through the team’s recognition. He also highlights the pitfalls of applying old solutions to new problems and shares his recommendations for sales leaders to navigate these unprecedented times. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation on how to prepare and thrive in the current sales landscape.

Paul de la Garza is a Principal, Business Coach, Speaker, Leadership Training/ Coach, Sales Training, and Coach at High-Performance Business Solutions. He guides sales professionals and business leaders who are responsible for revenue to shift from market trend sales to selling in any market. With his expertise and guidance, individuals and organizations can achieve their sales and revenue goals.

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