Episode 224: Sales, Sales Enablement, and AI: From the Sales 3.0 Conference

In this special episode, join hosts Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods as they break away from their usual setup, with Brynne live from San Francisco. Brynne shares her exciting journey as the closing keynote speaker at the Sales 3.0 Conference. She spills the beans on her incredible encounters with industry giants like Roderick Jefferson, who left her floating on air with a bear hug. Eli Cohen and Tiffany Bova also make appearances, taking Brynne into their tribe and sharing unforgettable moments.

The real highlight of this episode is Brynne’s updates on the first days of the Sales 3.0 Conference. She provides a sneak peek into what’s transpired so far, offering brief glimpses of the latest sales tools and the increasing role of AI in sales enablement. Whether you’re at the conference or couldn’t make it, this episode keeps you in the loop with the freshest highlights.

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