Episode 225: Jamie Shanks – Leveraging Sales Signals and Social Proximity for Effective Account Selection and Sales Success

Jamie Shanks joins us to reveal the game-changing potential of sales signals and social proximity in account selection and sales success. Instead of merely showcasing your client logos, he suggests using “social proximity” to uncover connections within one degree of separation from your customers. By reverse engineering these connections, you can secure valuable referrals and opportunities. Jamie’s own experience, from one customer to 600, shows the power of this strategy. Tune in to this episode of Making Sales Social for these vital insights!

Jamie Shanks is the CEO of three successful companies, including Pipeline Signals. The company is pioneering relationship signals as a form of buying intent by finding and teaching how to leverage customers on the move as an excellent process for pipeline creation and customer success. With a focus on helping customers “Get More at Bats,” Pipeline Signals is a done-for-you (and with you) service that measures success by turning leads into SQL. This is the ultimate goal in sales: qualified leads.

Learn more about Jamie by visiting his websites: Pipeline Signals and Get Levrg. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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