Episode 231: LinkedIn’s Top of the Fold and Your Bottom Line

In this episode, Brynne Tillman and Bob Woods tackle a critical aspect of your LinkedIn profile that can directly impact your sales success – the top of the fold. If you’re a salesperson looking to make a real impact in your prospecting efforts, your LinkedIn profile needs to be more than just a standard resume. It should serve as a valuable resource that attracts, educates, and engages your potential clients.

Now, here’s the catch: if your top of the fold, that initial section of your profile, doesn’t captivate your visitors, you risk losing their interest before you even get started. Think of it like the headline of a newspaper – it needs to grab attention.

Join us as we explore how to optimize this crucial aspect of your LinkedIn profile to kickstart meaningful sales conversations and drive your bottom line. It’s time for your LinkedIn’s top of the fold to read like a front-page headline, not buried in the classifieds.

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