Episode 242: Ardenia Gould – Empowering Women in Sales: Navigating Challenges, Embracing Thought Leadership, and Redefining Work-Life Flexibility

Ardenia Gould joins us on this episode to discuss the challenges faced by women in sales and how to empower them. She emphasizes the importance of work-life flexibility and offers work-life hacks for sales leaders. Ardenia also explains why companies need to look beyond compensation to attract and retain women in sales. She highlights how women want to contribute meaningfully and impact the bottom line. Ardenia offers advice on how sales leaders can mentor and nurture women in sales. Take advantage of this valuable episode to learn how companies can tap into the vast pool of female sales talent and drive tremendous success.

Ardenia Gould is the founder of Ardenia LLC and the host of the Ask Ardenia podcast. She is a champion for work-life flexibility and serves as a mentor for CEO moms and executive women, as well as a thought leader on executive burnout. Her work is making a significant impact on women executives and women in business, as well as the companies that can benefit from the talents of working moms and women in business.

Learn more about Ardenia by visiting her website. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn or send her at email at ardenia.co@gmail.com.

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