Episode 268: Andy O’Bryan – Unveiling the Future: Navigating AI’s Role in Sales and Creativity

Andy O’Bryan, a pioneer in using AI for business, joins us on this episode to discuss one of our favorite topics as of late – the cutting-edge world of AI in Sales and Marketing. With his unique perspective, Andy provides insights into the transformative power of technology and AI, particularly in sales, marketing, and professional development. Additionally, Andy shares his personal experience working in Radio and how it compares to people’s “copy and paste” habit of using AI. He notes that Radio has become increasingly automated and scripted, which can make it sound inauthentic. Nonetheless, we will explore the intersection of AI and sales and social selling and how one can still add the human touch to craft messages that resonate with the audience. So, join us as we delve into this exciting topic.

Andy O’Bryan, known as the AI Whisperer to the Social Sales Link team, is the mastermind behind AI Copy Lab and the Co-Founder of AI Success Club. As an expert in AI copywriting, he helps entrepreneurs better understand the rapidly expanding world of artificial intelligence as it relates to their content marketing and copywriting. The club, which launched in early February 2023, has grown to over 300 members and counting. Members receive monthly live workshops, weekly prompts and tutorials, expert interviews, the latest information on AI tools and developments, and monthly live Q&A sessions.

Learn more about Andy by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn.


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