Episode 270: Carole Mahoney – Humanizing Sales: Navigating the Intersection of Social Dynamics and Buyer-Centricity

Carol Mahoney joins us on this episode to discuss the importance of humanizing sales and navigating the intersection of social dynamics and buyer-centricity. As entrepreneurs and executives, we often claim that our buyers are our top priority, but do our actions and systems reflect that statement? Carol helps us tackle this dilemma by diving into common mistakes businesses make and why they may not be prioritizing their buyers as they should. She also shares strategies to ensure that we stand by our goals of putting our buyers first, regardless of our industry or position within a company. Whether you’re a solopreneur or in marketing, this episode is for you because, in any aspect of offering solutions to customers, their needs should always come first. Tune in to learn how to humanize your sales approach and truly prioritize your buyers.

Carol Mahoney is a renowned sales expert, author, and founder of Unbound Growth. With her book “Buyer First: Grow Your Business With Collaborative Selling,” she is revolutionizing the sales industry and changing the way buyers perceive it. Carol is also known as a sales therapist at Harvard Business School, where she serves as an entrepreneurial sales coach for their MBA program. She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who inspires audiences to shift their mindset and prioritize putting buyers first in all their interactions.

Learn more about Carol by visiting her keynote and blog page. You can also follow and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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