Episode 74: Clancy Clark – Selling by Serving: What Makes You Interesting Is to Be Interested

Clancy Clark joins our hosts Brynne Tillman and Bill McCormick to share what it means to sell by serving and how it is connected to social selling. Listen as they discuss Clancy’s seven steps for Selling by Serving and discover the right process for reaching out to a prospective client, including preparing before engaging, building rapport, and presenting your solution.

You’ll see Clancy’s perspective on the value of developing authentic relationships and why it’s all about being interested in your prospect to be interesting to them.

Visit Clark’s website at www.clancyclark.cc to know more about his selling philosophies or you can reach out to him on LinkedIn.

You may also go ahead and buy his book Selling by Serving through Amazon, as well as his latest book Love Your Work Live Your Dream that’s available on Amazon and on Indie Bound.

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