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Brynne Tillman |
Thought Leadership is the act of leading others to think differently.

Brynne Tillman

The posts that elicit more comments are the ones containing real-life stories.

Stories that captivate and paint a better picture than an explanation.

Meryl Evans

Content should start conversations.

I curate two kinds of content, my client’s content and one that speaks to me.

When I share something I’ve curated, I share my thoughts and respond.
When I share content I have created, I also ask for a response. The key is sharing something your followers and those you want to follow you will relate to as it’s more likely they will engage with it, that’s how you start conversations.

Alice Heiman

There is no secret – the principles for outstanding business apply to great content. Consider the points below, wrap them in excellent writing, and have a hunger to serve:

Aspire Greatly
Know your Dream Customer
Know what they desire, fear, read, etc.
Know them and fall in love with them
Add Massive Value – Over-deliver every single time.

Bob Olsen

Keep up with what your audience is talking about. Then create and curate content that addresses those topics.

Share your opinion, get THEM talking about it in the LinkedIn comments section, so can further demonstrate your expertise when you reply to those comments.

And you should reply to every comment someone makes!

Bob Woods

I use the F.O.O.F. factor before all else – Focus On Others First.

If I can talk up someone else, I will. It makes me feel good, AND it is helpful. Remember “less M.E., more THEM.”

Lori Richardson

I.C.E. – Inspire, Connect & Educate while posting content. Talk about Family first, customers second, and your business last.

Do these things, and you will connect, bring substance, and become the expert in your field, all while growing your social brand.

Eric Bam

The simplicity and impact of doing some keyword research before writing a piece of content can’t be understated!

It will help SEO and force your content efforts to be more precise!

Rajat Kapur
Now more than ever, with as much content as you’ll see flowing through your feed, a clear and straightforward call to action that delivers immediate value to those who read is critical.

Always keep the “What’s in it for me?” for your audience clear.

Alejandro Cabral

The best thought leadership is content that makes the reader “think” and consider optional ways to do something.

The reader should feel that their time was well spent listening, watching, or reading the content and that they could begin to apply this knowledge to their business practice.

Sally Jo LaMont

When creating content, I always try to reply to comments. Sometimes it doesn’t happen right away; in fact, sometimes I wait a day to respond if I have a bunch of comments already.

This seems to help the algorithms deem my post-worthy, and sometimes I’ll still get likes and comments weeks after posting.

Joe Monzo

Post content on LinkedIn that brings value to your target audience.

Assess if the content will help solve a problem for my audience? Is it compelling and decipherable? Does it inspire engagement?

Engagement will help show your thought leadership, which will help establish your credibility with your clients and prospects!

Bill McCormick

When you run a poll on LinkedIn, in addition to the survey question, ask another one at the end of your post. A second question that will generate valuable comments (often based on user experience) and allow you to get feedback.

This feedback will help you to find new posts ideas.

Grégory Mancel

Sharing evergreen content from your archives or social media clipboards with updates is a great way to help others learn to earn and scale their business.

Thank presenters, thought leaders, or event organizers for “aha” moments and gifts from the universe.

It’s never too late to acknowledge others for their contributions and inspiration. Smiles across the miles encourage innovation and fuel our tenacity.

Melanie Richards

Post consistently.

You don’t have to post multiple times throughout the day.

I’ve found that if you post ONE THING of value at the same time each day, you will raise your profile as a thought leader.

Fred Diamond

When ideas for videos come to you, record it at that moment or write it down.

These great ideas come and go fast. If you have an influx of great ideas, shoot all of the videos that day.

You can post them over time and build up a library of content. Be authentic, as that is what will matter most.

Matt Solomon

When you’re creating video content, make sure to provide your viewer’s value, and be as helpful as possible.

Your video should be about helping your prospect first so that you can build and establish trust.

Bill Baraona

I always try to create posts that bring awareness to a specific topic in my niche. I try to establish the context as quickly as possible and then add the most jaw-dropping fact as soon as I can.

I always add space and emoticons to make the subject more fun to read. Finally, I often add a link in the reader’s comments to learn more–usually a video on my YouTube channel.

Lorelai Germain

The competition for attention is the new battleground in B2B Marketing.

Therefore, my one tip would be to prioritize your audience’s needs over your needs entirely. The less you are selling something, the better – be known for sharing and creating content that helps solve and answer your audience’s potential problems.

James Crisp

Don’t think that just because you understand a term or concept, your customers also do.

Answer their questions by breaking things down and explaining it in a way that doesn’t require the customer to be an expert already.

I heard someone say once to act like you’re writing to your mother, and that’s a great way to think about it.

Nate Westre

I create Facebook Live demonstration videos of everyday life issues that pertain to my target market.

The videos are 3 minutes long and entice conversation and opinions of our target market.

Carolyn Pachas

To provide value to customers, I look to subscribe to and follow websites and publications related to my customers’ business.

So that I stay engaged with industry developments, then, I share postings and articles (with additional comments & input) to my LinkedIn connections and customers.

Kim Hubbs

Get to know your ideal audience genuinely. Talk to them, unscripted. Understand their journey.

Map your content strategy around answering the questions your audience has at each step of the journey. Then anticipate their questions coming.

In the words of Michael Port, “Give away so much value that you are afraid you’ve given too much, and then give more.”

Brett Williams

Three steps to being successful at
social selling on Linkedin: Strategy, Preparation, & Action.

Strategy is the clarity with business, marketing, and LinkedIn plans. Know your ideal client, persona, value proposition & messaging.

Preparation is identifying your personal stories, creating an all-star profile, & leveraging the right dashboards to track your success.

Action is posting, engaging, and messaging strategically.
You will have an ROI from your social selling effort.

Joe Apfelbaum

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