LinkedIn: What Conversations Do You Want With Clients?

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Video transcription: What conversations do you want to have with your clients? So we’re going to break down the conversations with each of these folks.

The first conversation, MORE BUSINESS. If they’re an existing client, what other business, in their department, might be really important, right? More business is great and we go to past clients, or current clients, that’s sort of where we’re falling. 

These are people that have bought from you. There’s more business and most of us don’t sell just one thing. There are other opportunities that we want to look at that.

Next, internal introductions. If you’re working in a large company, you may have one department. 

So, when I say start with Aramark. I was in one department there were, you know, 40 other departments to get internal introductions into. 

Internal introductions are huge, and getting them from your buyers really important. 

So you can go to LinkedIn and start searching through their company page and start to map out all of the people that you may ultimately want an introduction inside of that client. If you have huge clients a thousand or more employees.  This is amazing and ideal. It’s, it’s phenomenal. Easy to start conversations with them. 

External introductions, this is the magic. Who does our client know that we want to meet and leverage that relationship for introductions or permission to name drop.

That’s how we’ve grown our business. Those turn into fast conversations. By the way, if I go to a client and I say, you know, I’m so glad we’ve been able to do X, Y and Z for you, you’re connected to 17 people and my number of the day 17 people that I’d like to get in front of, can I run these names by you.”  

And then 17 becomes five names that they think would be great. And I can either get an introduction or ask permission to use their name when I reach out. And that’s already that’s an assumed conversation. I’m assuming they’re going to take my call because they’re coming from a preferred partner. 

Recommendations and case studies we want from clients, right? This is huge. Recommendations and case studies will help you get more conversations, will help you close business, You want to make sure that we have those 

Vendor introductions. I want my client to introduce me to whomever they bought their CRM from. I want them to introduce me to whoever their copywriter is right like there are certain industries that I want to get introduced to because they become referral partners.

And when you have a vendor introduction, that you have a shared client, it’s so easy to gain access, and give them access, because they’ve already come vetted through your client. Their client already said we love them. So it’s much easier to do.  

What conversations do you want to have with prospects? What you want to do is have resourcing conversations. You want to provide insight and knowledge you don’t want to pitch.

Because as soon as you start pitching, they’re out the door. They’re hitting the delete button, they’re disconnecting with you from LinkedIn, you want to provide value and insight around your solution. 

And also, we come back to talking about the challenge that your clients face around the challenges that you know they face. 

So that when they read that, especially if it’s a written conversation, that they come away going, “Wow, I never knew that before. This person gets it, I want this person to help me.” 

That’s where you want to lead to, you want to lead to the point where they’re like, “I can’t do without this solution,”

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