Episode 123: Gerry Moran – Don’t Cold Connect, Engage With Them First

Social media consultant and LinkedIn strategist Gerry Moran joins the Social Sales Link team to share his social selling strategies and tips. 

Listen as he explains why for him, social selling is about trying to get on your prospect’s radar in the right way so you turn it into a warm call. He also stresses the importance of having a plan and documenting the process, to start with a simple framework.

Tune in as Gerry tells Brynne about a common mistake that many salespeople make, which is not knowing when to use the right sales tool at the right time. There’s also what he calls the “drive time social,” which is something salespeople can refer to when they are trying to determine the best time to post, and “triggers,” which are somewhere between 33 and 40 or so, that sales professionals can use to start conversations with their prospects. Find out whether Gerry is part of those LinkedIn sales professionals who believe you should send a connection request with a message or without.

Listen through to the very end to hear Gerry’s one tip to new social sellers and (spoiler alert!) it’s all about doing the work.

You can send Gerry an email at gerry@marketingthink.com or follow him on Twitter. If you’re on Instagram, you may want to check out the other side of Gerry by following his account on beer and brewery.

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