LinkedIn Sales Accelerator

If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or sales professional who is ready to leverage LinkedIn to start more conversations, you are in the right place. Our non-salesy approach is perfect for the professional whose business relies on being authentic, entering your buyers’ ecosystem at a high level of credibility, and developing trusted relationships.


Social Sales Link’s membership is the most effective and efficient way to master LinkedIn for social selling. Whether you start with the dozens and dozens of complementary resources, or choose to dive deeper into self-paced learning with our over 5-hour course, or simply join us for our group coaching Zoom calls two times a week, you’ll have everything you need to sell better with LinkedIn.

Public Class

There is no more powerful networking and sales tool than LinkedIn, and mastering it is essential for every professional responsible for bringing in new business. In this 4-week public class, the Social Sales Link team will take you through everything you need to know to master LinkedIn for social selling (free account) so that you are converting your connections to conversations on a consistent basis. Each week includes interactive and engaging training on an essential topic and the opportunity to join two group coaching sessions for guidance and a deeper dive into your specific goals and activities.
Week One: Develop a Value-Centric profile designed as a resource with the goal of scheduling more conversations with your visitors
Week Two: Learn a content strategy to ensure that you are sharing and engaging on the right content and attracting the right ideal customer persona
Week Three: Strategically nurture your targeted existing connections by taking inventory and implementing engaging tactics that convert to conversations
Week Four: Leverage your warm network to gain access to your targeted buyers through referrals and Social Sales Link’s highly regarded, proprietary permission to name-drop process
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LinkedIn Private Sessions

Social Sales Link’s five-week private session package is positioned so you will master LinkedIn for social selling. You will personally work with one of Social Sales Link’s talented trainers who will optimize your profile, develop your content and engagement strategy, design your sales cadence and messaging. You will have all the tools that you need to convert connections to conversations on a consistent basis.

Week One: Profile Development

It is foundational that your LinkedIn profile is positioned to attract, teach, and engage buyers. Together we will create a value-centric profile that resonates with your targeted audience and opens up opportunities.

Week Two: Content Strategy

We will optimize your existing content strategy (if there is one), curate industry insights, create simple content and develop engagement strategies that lead to sales conversations.

Week Three: Nurturing Existing Connections

In almost all cases, 10-20% of your existing connections are people that you should be engaging. We will identify the clients, prospects, or potential referral partners whom you’ve been ignoring and develop an outreach strategy.

Week Four: Client and COI Referrals

Now that we have identified targeted connections, the next step is to leverage their connections to get introductions or permission to name drop. You will learn the tactics, templates, and conversations to get referrals on a consistent basis.

Week Five: Account-Centric Selling

Identifying targeted accounts, buyer mapping of all of the stakeholders, identifying your pathway to in, and developing an outreach strategy rounds out the five-week sessions.

(Single sessions are available upon request.)

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

As someone responsible for business development, the goal for your LinkedIn profile is to attract, teach, and engage your targeted buyers. Working closely with you, a Social Sales Link team member will draw out your voice, perspectives, and brand messages. Then we will transform your profile with a clear vision of who you help, how you help them, and why they should work with you. All with the objective of converting profile visitors to conversations.