Episode 227: LinkedIn: What’s Next!

Imagine being one of only 37 global Sales Insiders handpicked by LinkedIn for an exclusive peek behind the scenes. In this episode of Making Sales Social Live, Our LinkedIn Whisperer, Brynne Tillman, spills the beans on her recent visit to LinkedIn’s San Francisco headquarters, where she was honored as one of the 16 new official LinkedIn Sales Insiders. During Dreamforce week, she had the opportunity to dine with marketing experts and enjoy stunning city views. But the real fun began at the happy hour. While Brynne enjoys networking with her peers, she also spent a significant amount of time talking to the product team and learning about some of the exciting new developments coming out soon.

Get ready for insider insights that could transform your sales game. Brynne unveils two groundbreaking Sales Navigator features, including a Chat GPT integration that promises to simplify prospect searching. Tune in to discover how LinkedIn’s cutting-edge tools can revolutionize your sales strategy and more. Don’t miss this exclusive episode!

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