Episode 229: Joe Ingram – Unleashing the Power of Edutainment in B2B Sales and Content Creation

In this episode, Joe Ingram joins us to talk about edutainment and how it can make a big difference in B2B sales and content creation. He explains what edutainment is and how it can be used in these areas. Joe also tells us what edutainment is not, clearing up any confusion. Plus, he shares tips on how to have a genuine conversation even if you’re using a script. So, if you want to understand how edutainment can change B2B sales and content creation, give this episode a listen!

Joe Ingram, CEO of Ingram Interactive, is a sales genius with over 30 years of experience and sales of 1.7 billion dollars. He has extensive knowledge of human psychology, communication styles, buying triggers, and e-commerce conversations. He is also well known for his ability to transform sales quickly. He purposely perfected edutainmnet – the fusion of education with entertainment, making learning easier and more enjoyable for those in social selling. As he famously said, “Never be normal because normal people get normal paychecks.” Let’s go beyond the ordinary with Joe Ingram on the Making Sales Social Podcast.

Learn more about Joe by visiting his website. You can also follow and connect with him on LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), or grab his smart business card on Ovou. Want to get in touch with Joe? Email him at joe@ingraminteractive.com.

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