Episode 237: LinkedIn Recommendations – Proving Your Worth

As a sales professional, are you struggling to stand out on LinkedIn? Do you want to prove your authenticity and showcase your expertise? Look no further than the latest episode of Making Sales Social LIVE, where the LinkedIn Sherpa Bob Woods and the LinkedIn Whisperer Brynne Tillman demystify LinkedIn Recommendations. Join them as they share their insights on how to leverage recommendations effectively to boost your credibility and win new business.

You’re not alone if you’ve wondered, “How can I convince others that I am as good as I claim to be?” The key to this puzzle is, undoubtedly, LinkedIn Recommendations. In this episode, we dive deep into this feature that often remains underutilized.

LinkedIn Recommendations is your gateway to showcasing your accomplishments and building trust with your network. Whether you’re giving or receiving recommendations, they can become a powerful tool in your professional arsenal.

Join us as we uncover the magic of LinkedIn Recommendations. Learn how they provide social proof and credibility while also reducing your sales cycle time – a hidden advantage many overlook. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening episode of Making Sales Social LIVE.


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